Juice Rinse

Why Beet Jar juice?

Daily:  We're open daily and offer daily juice pickups for Rinse orders.

Cold-Pressed:  Juice is extracted from fruits & vegetables using thousands of pounds of pressure; retaining the highest level of nutrients possible.

Organic:   We use only organic produce. This is why availability fluctuates.

Raw:   Unlike grocery store juice, our juice is actually raw with a shelf-life of about 72 hours (depending on the flavor components). We don't pasteurize or prolong the natural life of our juice. Think of it like a fruit salad -- would you eat a fruit salad after a week?

Neighborhood:   Your juice is made by the same workers and owners you see at Beet Jar everyday. No big facility or big-budget marketing, just a small business with big attention to detail.

Local:   We source from Ohio City Farm, Refugee Response, and our friend's gardens as much as possible. Since we live in Cleveland, options can be sparse for most of the year.