Beet Jar is an organic plant-based juicebar & takeaway joint.
Est. in 2014.

Our Story

Before opening our Ohio City location, we introduced and exposed the Beet Jar brand by doing juice pop-ups throughout 2013…and these other WTF things:

- We camped outside the sidewalk in front of a Vitamix store for 18 hours in order to obtain our first two Vitamix blenders. The store was hosting a promotion before the opening of the Solon, Ohio store. We grabbed some pillows, pretended we didn’t know eachother, and we both scored a new blender.

- During buildout, we paid some of our construction workers in home-cooked meals, like pierogie and kale chips, since we didn’t have much of a budget. It’s no secret that Beet Jar nearly didn’t happen because of our lack of funding. We took pride in our struggle and did what needed to be done.

- For the first four months of being open, we juiced by hand – literally on a manual juice press with our arms, shoulders, full bodies weight, and imminent tears. We finally had enough money to obtain the juicer we needed at the time (Norwalk). We’ve since moved onto the Good Nature, but that’s a whole other modern fable.

- Fun Fact: a used Honda Accord equals two commercial refrigerators. Joseph sold his only means of transportation to obtain some crucial equipment for a juicebar.

It’s all about the sacrifice. To open the doors of Beet Jar, it took a year of tough decision-making and endless hours of taking a beating in the proverbial mosh pit.


Molly Pamela


Joseph Joseph